Basic Court Mitrovicë/Mitrovica

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Time Case Room No Judge Status
10:00 2019:134921 Pranvera Ademi

NO Sessions!

NO Sessions!

Time Case Room No Judge Status
09:30 2021:210435 Hajrullah Aruqi
10:00 2021:211836 Hajrullah Aruqi
10:30 2021:211902 Hajrullah Aruqi
11:00 2021:212010 Hajrullah Aruqi
11:30 2022:081246 Hajrullah Aruqi
13:15 2022:075914 Hajrullah Aruqi
Time Case Room No Judge Status
09:00 2020:141887 Ferki Xhaferi
09:30 2021:024590 Ferki Xhaferi
10:00 2019:129635 Ferki Xhaferi

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